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Our Success Stories

Hundreds of Major Cases and Counting

The firm has successfully handled major cases in a wide variety of fields. The founders believe experienced trial lawyers can succeed in many different legal fields by thorough preparation and hard work. Well over a hundred cases have successfully been resolved in their favor, each for seven figures, or in some cases, far more.

Burgess v. Farmers Insurance Co., Inc.

In 2008, Reggie Whitten and Michael Burrage tried a two-week jury trial in Lawton, Oklahoma, that resulted in the largest jury verdict in Oklahoma history. The case was Burgess v. Farmers Insurance, and the jury returned a verdict of $130 million.

Chickasaw And Choctaw Nations v. Fallin, Et Al.

Michael Burrage and Reggie Whitten settled the historic nine-year lawsuit involving 1.3 million acres of valuable timberlands, in which the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations pursued an accounting of the sale or disposition of these lands by the Department of the Interior for $186 million.

Wrongful Death

The firm has handled dozens of wrongful death cases and received record setting verdicts and settlements in favor of their clients whose loved ones were wrongfully killed.

Sandridge Energy Shareholder Derivative Settlement

The firm successfully resolved the largest stockholder derivative case in Oklahoma history.

Personal Injury And Civil Litigation Attorneys With An Exemplary Record Of Success

Our attorneys have not only represented serious injury cases and won, but they have also set records. Whitten Burrage set the record for the largest wrongful death case in Oklahoma. Whitten Burrage won the largest class action suit in Oklahoma, earning a $130 million verdict. Whitten Burrage represents people injured in trucking accidents and auto accidents, as well as loved ones who have lost someone to wrongful death. We also handle complex civil litigation matters. Trust a firm whose record speaks for itself.
Whitten Burrage

Attorneys Who Know Native American Law

Whitten Burrage represents interests of tribes in Oklahoma and nationwide. We assist tribal nations with treaties and land rights to ensure their interests are protected. Additionally, one of our partners was the first Native American to be appointed on the federal bench. We are well-versed in Native American law and enjoy representing the interests of the tribes in Oklahoma.

Meet Our Attorneys

Reggie Whitten

Reggie Whitten

Michael Burrage

Michael Burrage

Meet Our Attorneys

Michael Burrage

Michael Burrage

Reggie Whitten

Reggie Whitten

Randa K. Reeves

Randa K. Reeves

Amy E. Davies

Amy E. Davies

J. Renley Dennis

J. Renley Dennis

John Sanders

John Sanders

Heather Strohmeyer

Heather Lynn Strohmeyer

Patricia Sawyer

Patricia Sawyer

Hannah Whitten

Hannah Whitten

John B. Norman

John B. Norman

Photo of Blake Sonne

Blake Sonne

Photo Of Dilan Lyda

Dilan Lyda

Headshot of Madelynn Dancer

Madelynn Dancer

Headshot of Nicole Jones

Nicole Jones

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I think our firm is different from most

of the firms that we deal with we’re

native Oklahomans we’re both Mike Burge

and I are both from very small towns

neither of my parents graduated from

high school for example I think that

made us pretty hungry literally and

figuratively we were hungry I tell you

if you can’t be the smartest lawyer in

the room my theory was you ought to be

the hardest working and that’s been sort

of our guiding star our whole career

when I met my Ikea you know it didn’t we

became fast friends and we do a lot of

things the same way our job for the most

part is explaining very complicated

topics to jurors for example you might

try a case involving medicine and you

have to explain that medicine to a jury

a lot of doctors aren’t necessarily the

best at doing that there’s some lawyers

that have a medical degree and yet they

can’t talk to a jury we can get down on

any level and talk to people we’re

sincere we’re honest and very hard

working and the people that we’ve hired

are the same way we carefully choose our

younger lawyers and everybody in this

firm has been trained by Mike and I

first of all Bill we know that a lot of

our clients when they come to us have

had a tragic events or some traumont

traumatic event in their lives such as

the loss of a loved one uh their home

destroyed a death in the family injuries

so those people

need to be treated well and we try to

take care of them well and when they

call we try to call them back

immediately because

any question they have needs to be

answered and they need to get responsive

answer soon because like I say that’s

what they deserve after what they’ve

been through

An Established Oklahoma General Practice Law Firm

The law firm of Whitten Burrage consists of seasoned attorneys who understand that strong attorney-client relationships are where success starts. We continue to foster those relationships and have won multimillion-dollar cases for our clients. We’ve successfully tried hundreds of jury trials. We are trial lawyers with the experience and record of success people rely on.
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