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Respected Trial Lawyers Maximizing Results In Trucking Accident Cases

It is no secret to residents of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area that this region is the site of a great deal of trucking every day. Interstates, state highways, city streets and loading docks are all scenes of much transport activity and, sometimes, accidents that injure and kill people. Finding negligence is essential to explain what led to an injury or fatality involving a truck. With this information, legal action can help injured people and surviving family members recover their rightful compensation.

Whitten Burrage has built a strong reputation for achieving outstanding results for people who have been injured or lost loved ones in big-rig crashes and other personal injury incidents involving commercial vehicles and other factors.

Uncovering Evidence Of Negligence Leading To Truck Wrecks

Federal and state laws and regulations govern the operation of 18-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles in Oklahoma. A thorough investigation after a truck accident will include reviews of some or all of the following:

  • Laws and regulations that a trucker or trucking company may have broken
  • A trucker’s driving log, which may reveal that they were driving without adequate rest between daily runs.
  • An inspector’s report or evidence that required inspections were not performed on schedule
  • Police reports, which may contain eyewitness accounts of a truck driver’s traffic violations
  • Video surveillance footage, which may display traffic violations and other key facts
  • A truck’s black box data, which may reveal patterns of speeding and other important information

Investigators will seek to discover whether the truck driver inspected the tires, brakes, lights and other safety features before taking their vehicle on the road.

Our founding attorneys, who are our senior partners today, have 80 combined years of experience in personal injury law and other areas of complex litigation. They guide our truck accident team with the purpose of helping injured people recover maximum compensation for their serious injuries or losses of loved ones.

Request A Free Consultation After A Commercial Vehicle Crash

Our team of truck accident litigators reviews cases for individuals, families and other law firms throughout central Oklahoma and the entire state. We usually represent occupants of cars who have been hurt in truck crashes, but we may also represent injured truckers.

To schedule a no-obligation meeting with one of our Oklahoma truck accident attorneys, call 888-801-8682 or send an email inquiry.