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Serious Legal Representation For Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are a painful reality in our modern life. Despite decades of auto and road safety measures, crashes continue to take many lives every year. A car accident becomes a life-changing event when a family member dies or someone suffers serious or catastrophic injuries as a result. In such cases, legal counsel is as vital to people’s recovery as medical care is.

At Whitten Burrage, we have built a strong reputation as a well-prepared team of litigators. We have the resources and the knowledge base that are necessary to develop winning strategies. Our car accident attorneys advocate skillfully for people who have been injured in crashes. While our focus is on complex, high-value cases, we also evaluate a full range of car accident cases.

We Accept Complex Car Accident Cases

The Oklahoma City metro area, with a population of nearly a million and a half residents, is the setting for many collisions on city streets, state highways and interstates 35, 40 and 44. Elsewhere in Oklahoma, auto accidents happen on every imaginable type of roadway and sometimes in off-road locations.

Car accidents may be categorized along a broad spectrum ranging from minor fender-benders without injuries to severe, life-altering crashes. Our attorneys have prevailed in challenging litigation involving:

  • Multi-vehicle crashes
  • Impaired and distracted motorists (DWI/DUI and/or cellphone-using drivers)
  • Gasoline tank fires
  • Falls from interstate overpasses
  • Collisions with 18-wheelers.
  • Seriously injured pedestrians or bicyclists

Our years of experience mean that we can quickly get up to speed when evaluating any car accident case in the metro area or beyond. If insurers refuse to pay legitimate claims, we will prepare to bring bad faith insurance claims against them on behalf of our clients if necessary.

Request A Free Case Evaluation

Our founding partners, with over 80 combined years of litigation experience, lead our team with full dedication to the pursuit of justice through civil litigation. Whether you have been injured in a crash, are looking for a lawyer for a family member, or are an attorney available for referrals, you are welcome to inquire at Whitten Burrage.

To discuss any car accident case of interest to you, call us at 888-801-8682 or send an email message.