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Serious Legal Representation For Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are a painful reality in our modern life. Despite decades of auto and road safety measures, crashes continue to take many lives every year. A car accident becomes a life-changing event when a family member dies or someone suffers serious or catastrophic injuries as a result. In such cases, legal counsel is as vital to people’s recovery as medical care is.

At Whitten Burrage, we have built a strong reputation as a well-prepared team of litigators. We have the resources and the knowledge base that are necessary to develop winning strategies. Our car accident attorneys advocate skillfully for people who have been injured in crashes. While our focus is on complex, high-value cases, we also evaluate a full range of car accident cases.

We Accept Complex Car Accident Cases

The Oklahoma City metro area, with a population of nearly a million and a half residents, is the setting for many collisions on city streets, state highways and interstates 35, 40 and 44. Elsewhere in Oklahoma, auto accidents happen on every imaginable type of roadway and sometimes in off-road locations.

Car accidents may be categorized along a broad spectrum ranging from minor fender-benders without injuries to severe, life-altering crashes. Our attorneys have prevailed in challenging litigation involving:

  • Multi-vehicle crashes
  • Impaired and distracted motorists (DWI/DUI and/or cellphone-using drivers)
  • Gasoline tank fires
  • Falls from interstate overpasses
  • Collisions with 18-wheelers.
  • Seriously injured pedestrians or bicyclists

Our years of experience mean that we can quickly get up to speed when evaluating any car accident case in the metro area or beyond. If insurers refuse to pay legitimate claims, we will prepare to bring bad faith insurance claims against them on behalf of our clients if necessary.

Request A Free Case Evaluation

Our founding partners, with over 80 combined years of litigation experience, lead our team with full dedication to the pursuit of justice through civil litigation. Whether you have been injured in a crash, are looking for a lawyer for a family member, or are an attorney available for referrals, you are welcome to inquire at Whitten Burrage.

To discuss any car accident case of interest to you, call us at 888-801-8682 or send an email message.

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we had a family that their mother and


wife was killed in an accident that was

tragic and I guess probably the most

memorable parts of that case was being

able to uncover additional

people that might be liable in the case

uh like who was all who were they

hauling for what goods were they hauling

what did that contract say and instead

of it being one million in Insurance it

turned out to be a lot more than that

which I thought was a good result and

it’s memorable uh my involvement in it

wasn’t that great but the result that

the firm obtained was very great

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well it’s like anything you learn a

language I mean if you’re going to go to

France you better know how to speak

French basically if you’re going to do

motor carrier work especially involving

you know trucks and especially

Interstate Trucking you’ve got to know

the language the Federal Motor Carrier

safety regulations you’ve got to know

those inside and out the other thing is

you have to know the requirements that

these trucking companies have they have

to keep logs you wouldn’t believe how

often we find they yeah they got a log

all right and it’s all fake and

sometimes they have two sets of logs you

know these drivers are caught in a rock

and a hard place you’re kidding yourself

if you don’t think their bosses are

putting pressure on them to get that

product from point A to point B fast

now they’ll put out something in writing

you know don’t speed but these trucking

companies know they’re speeding and if

they looked at their logs they can see

their speeding it’s very easy to

calculate how you got from LA to New

York City with produce you know but not

if you’re not looking at the right logs

and they they do this all the time you

have to speak that language you also

have to be able to calculate time and

distance I’ll give you an example it

takes your brain about a second to tell

your foot to hit the brake

if you’re going 60 miles an hour you’re

traveling 90 feet a second you can

calculate how fast you travel in that

one second and that allows you to

recreate the accident we’ve handled

hundreds and hundreds of these kinds of

cases we speak the language we’ve

interviewed hundreds and hundreds of

Highway Patrol Troopers and we know how

to present these to the juries and we

have done as many or more of those cases

in our career between the two of us Mike

and I have about a hundred years of

experience doing so and you know

practice makes perfect

View Transcript

stands out for sure to me we represented

a family their mother she was I believe

60 62 years old driving down the

turnpike she was headed to the lake for

the weekend to meet her family

and a truck driver broad daylight

no weather he just ran over six cars and

usually you think in a deal like that

the first car of this 18-wheeler hits

would be the worst damage but that’s not

what happened it was sort of like a

bowling ball hitting those pins the

first five cars kind of spun off to the

side the sixth car was our client and

she’s driving a very large SUV but I

mean it lined up perfectly

and an ongoing Trekker actually we found

later video we had it on tape and her

car flew up in the air

it shortened her car about half to what

it used to be shortened it half it was

an incredible impact

she did not die instantly and the

highway patrol Trooper showed up and and

we actually had people doing CPR on her

lying there beside the road it was just

the most

tragic event

and this truck driver we were able to

take his deposition

first they claimed we had to get an

interpreter because he didn’t speak

English well it’s good to know those

Federal rules you can’t get a federal

Interstate license where you can drive

like they require you to drive unless

you speak and read English

so after pointing that out to him

suddenly he reacquired the ability to

actually speak English we didn’t need

The Interpreter anymore all this is on a

videotape deposition by the way and this

guy just got caught in so many lies he

was under tremendous pressure

he ended up testifying to get that

produce he was hauling from California

to the east coast and he was you know

faking the logs speeding

and he just had a probably a moment of

fatigue and I think he just kind of went

half asleep and that’s why he ran over

six cars

we were able to determine uh it was a

fly-by-night company

he had formed you know a company and

then he got in trouble so he formed

another one this guy was actually

operating this company out of his home

the real key to the case was he was

being hired by a much larger company to

haul his produce but there was no way to

know that

it didn’t have the larger company’s name

on the truck in fact what the other

company that hired them wasn’t even on

the accident report we had to do a lot

of work to finally find the involvement

of this third company so

after we dug and got that we found out

they had a lot more than just a minimal

insurance policy and we were able to

present that family who lost their

mother it was five kids uh you know a

wonderful loving husband and they lost

their loved one all because of just

greed and we were able to demonstrate

all that and got one of the largest

settlements I can’t tell you them out

because it’s confidential and sealed up

yeah obviously I can’t tell you who it

was but it was one of the the largest

settlements in in

in Oklahoma on a case of its kind and

I’ve become personal friends with this

family and stayed in touch with them and

you know handling a case like that where

you uncover the truth that was being

hidden it’s very satisfying