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Get Maximum Available Compensation After A Defective Product Injury

If you or a family member have been injured due to a defective or dangerous product, and are seeking maximum compensation, our firm is the firm for you. The product liability lawyers at Whitten Burrage have a successful track record of aggressively pursuing product liability lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs who have been harmed, injured or killed because of defective products. Our skilled lawyers will review the facts, conduct vigorous research, and aid you in filing your product liability claim.

Our Proven Success

Our firm’s successes are well-known nationwide. Whitten Burrage tried (and ultimately settled for a large amount of money) the first product liability case against a major energy drink manufacturer in the United States. Our team uses cutting-edge legal theories to get the largest verdicts or settlements possible for our clients. We don’t settle for anything less than excellent work product, as we know how life-changing this money can be for people who are suffering severe injuries.

What Is Product Liability?

Product liability cases arise when manufacturers, distributors, and sellers sell a product that causes harm or injury to consumers. Product liability lawsuits deal with all types of injuries, such as broken bones, illnesses, burns, defective medical devices, harmful food or drinks placed in the stream of commerce, or exposure to toxins. These injuries can be caused by a manufacturing defect, design defect, marketing defect, or breach of express or implied warranty.

We Offer Free Consultations And Contingency Representation For The Injured

Even if your injury seems relatively minor, we are ready and willing to review the facts and create a strategic plan to pursue your claim. We welcome inquiries from people who have been injured, close family members, and attorneys seeking co-counsel or referrals for product liability cases. Call 888-801-8682 to request a conversation with one or more of our accomplished attorneys.

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I guess my first one was a battery that

exploded uh when a mechanic was working

on the car a number of different

products are so numerous that we’ve had

a lot of oil field equipment and the

equipment and in the oil field that

we’ve dealt with farming equipment

brush Hogs

uh just about every kind of product that

there is toys

for children those sorts of things

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liability we represented a

a young wife

her husband had an insulin pump and it

had been recently recalled

it had a problem with it all right and

after investigating we felt like it was

pretty clear that that insulin pumps

failure caused his death he died during

his sleep he was a young man had a bunch

of kids and it was a devastating body

blow to that wife and those children we

were able to investigate and determine

through the use of appropriate expert

witness testimony that it was the

product that actually killed this

gentleman and we were fortunately able

to resolve that before having to go to

trial but we’ve handled innumerable

products cases from I’ve had all kinds

of oil field devices Packers blowout

preventers tubing and pipe that has

failed we’ve done a lot of products

liability in the oilfield setting

because Oklahoma is a is a major oil and

gas producing state so we see a awful

lot of that kind of thing we’ve had also

vehicular products cases we’ve had parts

of automobiles or trucks that have

failed rigs have fallen over all those

kinds of things you know we’ve had a

trailer for example is pending right now

a trailer came loose and went across the

interstate and hit a totally innocent

couple driving down the road very

serious injuries and we believe that

product is defective now we’ll see how

that turns out it’s in the very early

stages but behind every accident there’s

either somebody that did something wrong

and it could be either side or something

went wrong with the product and that

just takes a lot of hard work and you

got to have the right expert witnesses

to help you figure out what happened and

then you got to present it to the jury

in a way that makes sense