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Justice Through Legal Action When Negligence Leads To Fatal Accidents

If you lost a close family member because of any kind of accident in Oklahoma, you are not alone. Every year in Oklahoma, fatal accidents including the following are reported:

If someone’s negligence caused your loved one’s death, you will likely want to explore pursuing a wrongful death claim to recover compensation for:

  • Final medical bills
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Lost wages and services of value that the deceased person can no longer contribute to the family
  • Loss of companionship for close family members

At Whitten Burrage, we have litigated numerous wrongful death cases, including many jury trials and cases resulting in settlements and verdicts over hundreds of millions of dollars. Our attorneys have an incredible history of winning large wrongful death verdicts and settlements.

How We Help Surviving Families Recover Ample Compensation

Our years of experience and well-honed trial skills have enabled us to give numerous families new hope for the future after they had lost loved ones due to others’ negligence. Our methods leading to successful case outcomes in fatality cases include:

  • An emphasis on quality attorney-client relationships
  • Detailed investigations into the causes of motor vehicle, medical and workplace accidents
  • Insightful review of medical records and autopsy reports
  • Deep analysis of legal issues, focusing on the facts along with theories of liability, court precedents, statutes and regulations

Our wrongful death lawyers primarily apply their talents to litigate high-stakes cases.

Rely On Accomplished Oklahoma Attorneys After A Fatal Accident In The Family

Our firm’s reputation and networking skills are beneficial to countless potential clients. Our founding attorneys have been inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, the University of Oklahoma College of Law Hall of Fame and the prestigious American College of Trial Lawyers. We are pleased to provide legal services to help families who have lost husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters.

We understand that your family needs time to grieve after the death of a loved one. Learn how we can help you now without disrupting your important family gatherings. Call 888-801-8682 or send a message to request a thoughtful conversation with one or more of our attorneys.

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approaches or several different aspects

of it with regard to you know what

caused the death is important but being

able to convey to the jury the impact

that the death has had on the family

members is very important you don’t want

them to come across as greedy or just

wanting money you’ve got to convey you

know how it has affected their lives

and let the jury come up with the amount

you can make suggestions but conveying

the the the the tragedy and the impact

to a jury where they can feel what that

person has felt is probably the most

important part of a wrongful death case

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it’s really hard to just talk about wine

this is anecdotal but I think our firm

handles more wrongful death cases on the

plaintiff side than any firm in the

state now I’ve had a lot of insurance

companies tell me that we represented a

the family of an 18 year old kid who was

just going home he knew the route very

well it was like midnight he was he was

a volunteer firefighter he knew how to

drive that road and inexplicably he lost

control and hit a tree and died nobody

could figure out what happened the

mother hired us to investigate and we

did and we found that there had been a

powerline poll that had been downed in a

storm and someone had cut that pole off

but they left six foot of it in the

roadway and that night it had been

raining and it was a very dark pavement

and you couldn’t see that at night and

so we investigated and finally after

after a lot of digging we found that the

co-op had a young man out there and he’s

the one that cut that pole off and that

company did everything they could to

hide the fact that that young man had

cut that pole off and left it sticking

in there it took a lot of digging and a

lot of depositions and finally we found

the guy that did it took his deposition

he admitted it that young man’s pickup

truck the right front wheel hit that

pole and it just Twisted that vehicle

around the truck rotated and he hit the

tree and it never would have happened if

they’d done it right and after we

finally got this young man under oath

and by the way he never even knew about

the accident nobody told him about it

from that company

and once we uncovered all this uh it I

can’t tell you the amount because

they’re always confidential they always

want to seal that up but it was an awful

lot of money more than that family ever

thought they’d get and all of that came

out of just dogged determination and

detective work and so I’m pretty proud

of that very fond of the mother I stay

in touch with the mother on Facebook now

but that’s what we did a lot of and my

law partner Mike and I both are very in

tune to death I’ve lost two sons to two

different diseases of the brain and Mike

lost his niece to addiction and I think

that gives us a leg up because our job

is to explain to that jury how it feels

when you’ve lost a loved one and the

fact that we know that so deeply I think

gives us a leg up

that other lawyers don’t have because

we’re very passionate we know how that