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Success Stories

Hundreds of Major Cases and Counting

The firm has successfully handled major cases in a wide variety of fields. The founders believe experienced trial lawyers can succeed in many different legal fields by thorough preparation and hard work. Hundreds of cases have successfully been resolved in their favor, each for seven figures, or in some cases, far more.

Burgess v. Farmers Insurance Co., Inc.

Reggie Whitten and Michael Burrage tried a two-week jury trial in Lawton, Oklahoma, that resulted in the largest jury verdict in Oklahoma history. The case was Burgess v. Farmers Insurance, and the jury returned a verdict of $130 million.

Chickasaw And Choctaw Nations v. Fallin, Et Al.

Michael Burrage, as co-lead counsel, settled a historic and unprecedented federal lawsuit preserving the treaty rights of the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations’ water rights within the Tribes’ original treaty territories.

Securities Litigation

Michael Burrage, as co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs, resolved two of the largest securities cases in the history of the state of Oklahoma.

Wrongful Death

The firm has handled dozens of wrongful death cases and received record setting verdicts and settlements in favor of their clients whose loved ones were wrongfully killed.

Sandridge Energy Shareholder Derivative Settlement

The firm successfully resolved the largest stockholder derivative case in Oklahoma history.

Choctaw And Chickasaw Nations V. U.S. Department Of The Interior

Michael Burrage and Reggie Whitten settled the historic nine-year lawsuit involving 1.3 million acres of valuable timberlands, in which the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations pursued an accounting of the sale or disposition of these lands by the Department of the Interior for $186 million.

Largest Divorce Case Tried In U.S. History

Michael Burrage tried a divorce case for approximately two and a half months with over $19 billion in assets involved and obtained a very favorable verdict for his client, which was affirmed on appeal.

Bad Faith Insurance

The firm has set the bar for bad faith insurance litigation in Oklahoma and in several surrounding states. Some of the largest verdicts and settlements in the bad faith arena have been obtained by Whitten Burrage.

Product Liability

Reggie Whitten tried (and ultimately settled during trial) the first product liability case against a major energy drink manufacturer in the U.S.

Whitten Burrage has successfully handled and tried major cases in numerous other fields, such as trucking accidents, medical cases, fraud, complex commercial litigation and many other cutting-edge issues.