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Get Maximum Available Compensation After A Personal Injury

A serious accident can trigger an avalanche of consequences. The medical, practical and legal aspects of a catastrophic injury or fatality call for urgent and sustained attention from highly qualified professionals.

At Whitten Burrage, we emphasize the importance of a thorough review and investigation from the beginning of a personal injury or wrongful death case. Our attorneys have achieved hundreds of stellar outcomes on behalf of our clients as well as in co-counsel arrangements with other law firms throughout Oklahoma.

Types Of Personal Injuries

Accidents occur in countless ways in daily life, including in work contexts. Our personal injury litigators have advocated successfully for people injured in circumstances such as the following:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including car, truck, motorcycle, bus, train, aviation and boating accidents
  • Fall injuries as well as falls from heights
  • Injuries on dangerous premises, including electrical shock injuries, drownings and near-drownings, burns and injuries caused by violence on public or private property with insufficient security and safety features
  • Explosions and other accidents occurring in construction and industrial settings

When many people have been injured in similar ways, we help clients initiate and join appropriate class action lawsuits. Our trial attorneys also advise other attorneys statewide whose clients may benefit from mass torts.

Recognized And Ready

Our firm’s successes are well-known in many circles in Oklahoma and nationwide. Our lawyers rarely need an introduction other than indicators that they are with Whitten Burrage. However, we never rest on our reputation. We recognize the unique nature of every accidental injury and work hard to find the needle in the haystack that can produce the right results for each client, including compensation for:

When the causes of accidents are clear but insurance disputes are in the picture, we review policies and bring bad faith insurance claims as necessary. Our strong track record puts our clients’ insurers on notice. This legacy and our team’s focus on major cases often lead to pretrial settlements of seven figures and higher. When a trial is needed, we are always prepared to present compelling, persuasive cases before judges and juries.

We Offer Free Consultations And Contingency Representation For The Injured

Even if your accidental injury case seems relatively minor, we are ready and willing to review the facts and make a well-chosen referral to another law firm if appropriate. We welcome inquiries from people who have been injured, close family members and attorneys seeking co-counsel or referrals for personal injury cases.

To reach us in Oklahoma City, call 888-801-8682 or send an email message.

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well obviously first you’ve got to have

somebody get hurt most of the time

people try to resolve those cases

themselves usually with a insurance

adjuster you know that happens

occasionally but most of the time

the the clients I deal with their

interactions with insurance companies

are very bad I worked for the insurance

industry the first 20 years of my career

which basically they sent me to school

on how to defend insurance companies and

then I decided after that the last 23

years of my life have been representing

people that are hurt or killed and I

actually like that a lot better I like

helping people and so when clients come

to me they’ve usually been either turned

down by the insurance company or they’ve

been lowballed and they intuitively know

they’ve been been lowballed and sadly

that happens way too much

our practice here the we outwork the

other side as soon as we get a hold of a

personal injury case we thoroughly

investigate it we thoroughly evaluate it

we document the claim to the insurance

company and if we can’t get it resolved

to our client satisfaction then we file

a lawsuit and that’s when the real work