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Trustworthy, Effective Litigation For Businesses And Commercial Transactions

At Whitten Burrage, business and commercial law are like second nature to our attorneys. Our years of experience have acquainted us with business entities throughout Oklahoma.

Our many remarkable case outcomes have helped us build a strong reputation in the world of business litigation. Today, we focus our efforts on high-stakes, high-profile cases. We also find ways to extend our talents, knowledge and skills through co-counsel arrangements and referrals given to us from lawyers who know our work ethic and expertise.

Types Of Cases That Come To Our Attention

We are equally adept at handling internal and external business-related disputes. That is, our business lawyers have helped resolve conflicts among business partners, owners and shareholders. We have also helped parties to all kinds of commercial transactions resolve disputes over purchases, sales and leases involving equipment, raw materials and finished goods. Business owners, managers and lawyers turn to Whitten Burrage for counsel and assistance with legal issues such as the following:

  • Conflicts over business formation processes, mergers and acquisitions, split-ups, succession plans and dissolutions
  • Breach of contract claims involving parties within or outside of a business
  • Litigation between businesses and government bodies
  • Environmental disputes and other types of regulatory compliance conflicts
  • Antitrust, fraud and securities litigation
  • Stockholder derivative-related conflicts
  • Construction project disputes
  • Representing governmental entities, including the State of Oklahoma, the State of Washington, the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, various Tribal sovereigns, and the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Many business leaders have come to consider our attorneys part of their enterprises. That happens because of the deep knowledge that we acquire while emphasizing ethical, fruitful attorney-client relationships that develop over the course of a litigation matter. Protecting our clients’ interests is always the focus in any business or commercial litigation case at Whitten Burrage.

Let Our Respected Litigators Evaluate Your Business Or Commercial Dispute

We are confident of our ability to get up to speed quickly while learning about and advising you on your company’s high-value, complex business or commercial litigation. Both of our founding attorneys have been inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, the University of Oklahoma College of Law Hall of Fame, and the prestigious American College of Trial Lawyers.

Our strong networking skills have consistently proven to be advantageous for our clients as well as for attorneys seeking referrals.

To reach us in Oklahoma City, call 888-801-8682 or send an email inquiry

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I represent a major oil and gas company

one of the largest in the United States

that company has all kinds of litigation

it’s all business related uh whether it

relates to contracts that they’ve

entered into

injuries that have been sustained

Personnel problems and so forth it runs

across the board the Choctaw and

Chickasaw Nations have business entities

they’re involved in all kinds of

businesses they have quick stops some of

them do Department of Defense

Contracting they have multiple casinos

those casinos have

multiple contracts contract issues

Personnel issues so we see about

everything there is to see on the

business side whether it’s through a

tribal owned business entity or other

privately held companies that we


View Transcript

yeah probably the biggest example of one

of those was the we sued Sandridge and

it was a corporate Securities derivative

case that was a case where we maintained

that the company was not being run

correctly we maintained that some of the

people on the leadership team for

example the board were running that

company basically to profit themselves

as opposed to the stockholders so that

case ended up settling it was a very

successful resolution of the case so

what we’re seeing today is that

business owners often find themselves

where they have no choice but to hire a

lawyer because they’re being cheated not

by individuals they’re being cheated by

other business owners and so when they

find themselves in that unenviable

position they really don’t have a choice

they either have to you know put up with

being cheated or hire a lawyer and try

to stop it and so we’ve done quite a few

of those types of things and you’re

seeing I think in this world that


quite often actually