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Who is legally liable for your truck accident injuries?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2023 | Auto/Truck Accidents

If you are reading this, you probably already know how catastrophic truck accident injuries can be. Many collisions involving large trucks and smaller vehicles result in permanent injuries like brain or spinal cord damage.

You may understand you have the right to obtain injury compensation, but do you know who is responsible for the crash and your harm? Liability in auto accident cases is often not as cut and dry as you may think. Consider all possibilities when determining who is ultimately responsible for your injuries.

The trucker and their employer

Say a truck driver had a few beers with their lunch and then lost control and struck a passenger vehicle. You might assume the trucker is the only responsible party, but that is not always so. The company employing the driver may hold or share responsibility if they do not comply with trucking industry laws and regulations. Through a legal theory known as “respondeat superior,” an employer is often liable for the mistakes of their employees.

A parts manufacturer or repair shop

As you know, semi-trucks contain a multitude of parts, both tiny and massive. If a defective auto part caused or played a role in the accident, its manufacturer may share a portion of the fault for your injuries. It may serve your interests to consider whether one or more manufacturers contributed to your injuries — and whether or not a repair company was involved. Defective parts and bad repairs can be a huge source of accidents.

Make the most of your claim

Since truck accident injuries can be severe enough to pose lifetime medical and financial hardships, you want to obtain all the compensation you are due. A thorough investigation may help you identify multiple parties to hold accountable, potentially maximizing your restitution.

Learning more about your rights under Oklahoma accident and injury compensation laws can also improve your claim. Experienced legal guidance can help you be fairly compensated after a wreck.