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Collective might: Starting a class action lawsuit in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | May 21, 2024 | Class Action Law Suits

Class action lawsuits provide an efficient way to address widespread harm caused by a common entity or situation. They empower a large group of people to call out negligence or other factors while seeking compensation for their harm.

As in most states, Oklahoma requires individuals seeking to initiate a class action to meet specific requirements. Learning about them is an important early step if you believe you have cause for a class action suit. Here are two of the most critical legal requirements.

There must be numerous victims

For a class action lawsuit to proceed, there must be a substantial number of harmed victims who were affected by a similar or shared issue. When there are too many impacted parties to make filing individually practical, this collective approach can protect everyone involved.

There must be common injuries

The injuries suffered by class action members must be similar in nature or identical, whether due to a defective product or environmental pollution, to name two examples. 

Further, the cause of the injuries should be attributable to the same person, corporation or group. For instance, if a faulty medical device injures multiple patients, a class action may be appropriate in addressing every patient’s harm.

Selecting someone to represent you and other victims in a class action suit is a critical decision that benefits from careful thought. Look for someone with experience in similar cases and who has the compassion necessary to understand your unique circumstances. Your representative should also have the time and capacity to thoroughly investigate your claim and protect the rights of all members.