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2 tactics insurers may use to deny or underpay accident claims

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2023 | Bad Faith Insurance

Motorists must have auto insurance in most U.S. states, including Oklahoma, and it gives many residents economic peace of mind. They feel confident about meeting their financial needs if a vehicle accident leads to severe injuries and income interruption.

Unfortunately, you may discover that it isn’t so easy to get money from an insurer when it is time to file a claim. Some companies use strategies like those below to exploit vulnerable and confused crash victims, thus underpaying many legitimate claims. 

Intimidation tactics

Contrary to belief, insurance companies are in the business of earning profits, not serving accident victims. Some insurers use threats or accusations to bully victims into accepting a low payout. These tactics work because many take whatever is offered instead of insisting they get what they deserve.

Delay strategies

Another way insurers avoid paying is to delay the claims process so unduly that the filer gives up or runs out of time. For example, they may send critical correspondence to the wrong address or not return your calls. It can be so frustrating that the victim is tempted to abandon their claim and deal with their injuries out-of-pocket.

In an insurance dispute, an injured victim without representation is typically the underdog. However, you can even the odds and get what you deserve with guidance.

When a big company harms you by handling your claim in bad faith, don’t give up, especially if your injuries are severe or disabling. Since these insurance practices are unlawful in Oklahoma and elsewhere, you have better odds of getting what you deserve (and perhaps even more) with a dedicated legal team.