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3 dangers cyclists face on the road

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2024 | Personal Injury

As gas prices surge and vehicles become more expensive, many people are leaning toward bikes as a preferred mode of transport. Biking is not only healthy for the rider but it is also environmentally friendlier than motor vehicles. However, many roads do not accommodate cyclists.

Many cyclists have to share the road with motor vehicles. Cyclists do not have the same protective gear people in cars have. So, if a cyclist is injured, it could be serious or fatal. Here are a few dangers for cyclists: 

1. Dooring

“Dooring” is a common accident that happens when a person in a car opens their door in the immediate path of a cyclist. The cyclist may, as a result of the dooring, fly off of their bike and suffer severe injuries. This is a constant fear for cyclists in cities and towns.

2. Aggressive drivers

Drivers should give cyclists an appropriate amount of space on the road or slow down to let them pass. However, some drivers are not pleased to share the road with cyclists. A driver may become aggravated and put a cyclist in danger by speeding, tailgating or purposefully driving them off the road. 

3. Poorly illuminated streets

Cycling at night can be especially dangerous. Most bikes have reflector lights that only work when a light illuminates off of it. Because of this, it can be difficult for drivers to see a cyclist in the dark, especially when a driver is not using their headlights. Streets that do not have adequate lighting can also make it harder for cyclists to be seen.

Cyclists who have been injured can learn about their legal options to seek compensation for their injuries and losses.