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Why is improper load securement dangerous?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2023 | Auto/Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks are essential for transporting goods, but they carry an inherent risk. Beyond the size and weight of the truck itself, the cargo they transport, if not secured properly, can present significant dangers to everyone on the road.

Picture yourself on an open road, enjoying a drive. In your rearview mirror, you see the looming silhouette of a semi-truck. As you overtake it, you notice its high cargo and wonder about its stability. It’s a fleeting thought but one that holds weight. What if that cargo isn’t anchored securely? What could happen if even one item were to fall?

The domino effect of unsecured cargo

When items aren’t anchored firmly, they become hazards in motion. Even a minor shift in the truck’s speed or direction can result in cargo movement. This is more than just items moving around. It can cause the truck to lose balance or even tip over in extreme cases.

Additionally, any item that falls onto the road becomes an immediate hazard. It could lead to multi-car pileups, especially on busy highways where drivers have split seconds to react.

Because of the inherent risks of improperly secured cargo, governing authorities set guidelines and regulations for how cargo securement must be handled. Compliance reduces the risk of catastrophic incidents occurring.

Anyone who’s a victim of a wreck caused by improperly secured cargo should get the medical care they need. They may also opt to pursue a compensation claim that may offset the financial impacts of the crash. State law limits the time victims have to act, so swift action is critical in these cases.