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Why Disney is facing a massive class action lawsuit from workers

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2023 | Class Action Law Suits

The Walt Disney Company has a brand synonymous with family fun and entertainment. The company employs workers from all backgrounds at amusement parks, corporate offices and film studios. Unfortunately, those workers do not necessarily receive appropriate treatment and pay according to allegations in a pending class action lawsuit.

Workers who believe that the company has violated California’s Fair Pay Act can now proceed with their lawsuit against the company. The claims against Disney include allegations of widespread sex-based pay discrepancies. Thousands of female plaintiffs just got permission to proceed with a lawsuit against Disney.

What are the claims that led to this class action filing?

Workers claim that female employees make less

Research into payroll practices at Disney by the plaintiffs in this lawsuit has shown some troubling trends. Disney lacks transparent pay grade categories. As a result, the plaintiffs in this case claim that female employees often start off making 2% less than men in the same positions.

That discrepancy may increase over time, as company policies may result in more promotions and pay raises for male employees. This lawsuit involves 9,000 current plaintiffs, but a ruling in their favor could apply to more than 12,000 women who have not received equitable pay. The initial filing for the lawsuit was in 2019, and it has taken four years for this discrimination lawsuit to receive the judicial approval required to proceed.

Workers who are mistreated by their employees are among the many groups that may benefit from working together to file a lawsuit. Pursuing a class action lawsuit against a company may increase the chances of success and may have more of an impact on the business’s future operations overall.