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Wrong-way interstate accidents have a predictable cause 

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2023 | Auto/Truck Accidents

One type of car accident that should never happen is a wrong-way crash on the interstate. Divided highways always have traffic moving in the same direction, with opposite-direction lanes on the other side of a concrete wall or a wide median. Cars never have to share the same pavement while driving toward one another, and they use on-ramps and off-ramps to control the flow of traffic. 

That said, these crashes do happen from time to time. They can be devastating when it comes to the consequences and injuries. After all, if two cars are driving at 75 miles per hour, the combined speed at the moment of impact is around 150 miles per hour. 

Why do these accidents still occur? 

The No. 1 cause of wrong-way interstate accidents is driver impairment. A sober, alert driver is unlikely to drive up the wrong ramp, passing numerous wrong-way signs. Even if they did, they would likely realize immediately that they were facing traffic and they would pull off of the ramp and onto the shoulder. 

A drunk driver, though, may not have the same cognitive abilities. They could get confused about which ramp to use. They may not see the wrong-way signs, especially when driving at night. Their judgment is impaired and so is their cognitive ability, so they do not make all of the logical mental connections they should – or, at least, not quickly enough. By the time they realize they’re driving the wrong way, they may have already caused an accident. 

Serious injuries 

These types of accidents carry a high risk of very serious injuries, often leading to fatalities. Those who have been injured or who have lost loved ones need to know how to seek compensation for medical bills and many other costs.